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Gamekeeper Whiskey is a 5 yr old whiskey from a wheat mash that is bottled in true single barrel batches. Gamekeeper Whiskey tells the story of Harry Yount the first Gamekeeper of Yellowstone National Park who is credited with the idea of creating a park ranger service. That is why a portion of our proceeds goes to benefit ANPR.

Before there were Park Rangers, there was Harry Yount. Yount worked for seven seasons for the Hayden Geological Survey, as a packer and wrangler, including their expedition to Yellowstone. During that time, he was also a guide of a four-man party that attempted to climb the Grand Teton. This is likely why Yount was picked as the first and only gamekeeper of Yellowstone. As gamekeeper, Yount was saddled with the impossible task of protecting wildlife across a four thousand square mile wilderness, with little infrastructure or support. Yount lasted only fourteen months, but left a lasting legacy. Yount is widely credited with the idea of installing rangers to care for the park, as no one man could patrol the park. Yount called “…for a small reliable police force as the most practical way of seeing that the game is protected from wanton slaughter, the forests from careless use of fire, and the enforcement of all other laws, rules, and regulations for the protection and improvement of the park.” In the Western spirit of conservation, we proudly present Gamekeeper Whiskey. Please drink responsibly. 


95% Wheat, 5% Malted Barley


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